Monday, January 8, 2018

Session 4

The PCs leave the ark to explore the Dark Castle. There they find an ancient crown guarded by a security robot. They destroy the robot and take the crown.

On their way back home, the PCs spot a rusty ship anchored in the murky waters of a nearby river. They approach the ship and meet a trading community inhabiting its hulk. They're surprised to see an intelligent, talking bear, who seems to have information about Eden. They also speak with Nilkin, the diminutive leader of the trading post, trying to gauge if this discovery is of any use for their Ark.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Session 3

The PCs investigate the "evil-eye", an abandoned observatory from ages past. There they come into contact with a community of mutant humanoid rabbits. The rabbits are technologically advanced, and the PCs decide to strike an alliance with the creatures. 

They return to the ark with a few "envoys" willing to share their knowledge of agriculture. The PCs learn what they can, and continue developing the Ark.

The Ark

The Ark

Development Levels
Food Supply: 19
Culture: 15
Technology: 13
Warfare: 8

Defenses (done)
Hunting Party (done)
Pigsty 5/6
Watchtower 2/3

* The Muffler. Revolutionary, militant lesbian, blames men for everything and wants them gone
* Mc Guffin. The kingpin boss, big narcicist - wields one of the artifacts because he is the boss
* Yassan. The Stalker

Other Information
Population: 110
Water Source: Water purifier on ship / ghoul's colony

Monday, December 11, 2017

Session 2

The PCs are fighting the ghouls out in the open, when a thrash-hawk (a giant mutated bird) grabs Rasper and brings him to its nest. Mill kills the bird, and the surviving ghouls surrender in awe. 

The PCs order the ghouls to call their leader to meet them to parley, and when the leader shows up, the PCs rapidly kill him. They then make a deal with the leaderless ghouls: they will kill the Ancient One (some sort of mutated worm infesting the water tanks) and in exchange they will be allowed to take all the water they can. 

Gargle jury-rigs an explosive device, and places it inside the head of the dead thrash-hawk. They throw the tasty morsel inside the tank, and the worm takes the bait. One big explosion after, the worm shows itself, and the PCs shoot him dead. 

The PCs take their water as promised, and arrange for a truce between the ghouls and their Ark. They then return to the Ark to share news of their success, and begin working on the Ark's defenses.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Session 1

The PCs are sent by their Boss to the Pure Plant, and installation said to contain a great resource of water. When they reach the place, they encounter a few Zone-Ghouls bent on killing them. They dispatch the attackers, and find an entrance to an underground complex. 

Down there, they discover two dozens Zone-Ghoul participating in some sort of religious ritual next to a huge tank of water. Clearly, the ghouls are not open to negotiations, as their leader sends them out to "capture the intruders". The PCs retreat to the surface, looking for a fortified position to defend. 


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